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Platelet Rich Plasma
Port Angeles, WA

Illustration of a test tube filled with platelet rich plasma at Turella Oral Surgery.When it comes to healing after any type of surgery, you will want every advantage possible. That is why we here at Turella Oral Surgery are so excited about platelet rich plasma. This is a fairly new treatment that boosts the defenses that the body already has to cut down on the amount of time that it will take to heal.

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet rich plasma is a treatment that will help you to heal faster. It is used after many different types of surgeries; this includes oral surgery.

Your blood is made up of many different parts. Some of those parts have healing properties. That is what platelet rich plasma is all about. We will use the properties that are found in your blood to help to speed the healing process.

Before you have your surgery, we will draw a small amount of your blood. Since it is your blood you will know that it is a perfect match.

While the surgery is taking place, we will send the blood into the lab in the back. It will then be put into a machine that is known as a centrifuge. The centrifuge will then spin the blood so fast that it will separate into its different components. From that, we end up with platelet rich plasma.

How Is Platelet Rich Plasma Used?

After the surgery is over, we will take the platelet rich plasma and apply it to the area. This will usually be in the form of an injection. The platelet rich plasma is filled with your body's own natural healing powers. It will then help the area where the surgery was done to heal. It is putting your own body to work for you.

Some people worry that there will be side effects if using platelet rich plasma. The good news is that there are not any. Since it is your blood that we are using, we will already know that it is a perfect match.

One of the most common uses of platelet rich plasma is when we have extracted a tooth. This will take a little while to heal, so we want to make sure that we cut down on that healing time as much as possible.

We will also often use platelet rich plasma when in the process of getting a dental implant. With an implant, screws are implanted into your jaw, and it can take several weeks until your jaw bone has fused with the screws. Platelet rich plasma can speed up the process. You are going to want to heal as quickly as possible, and this platelet rich plasma can help.

If you are having any oral surgery, you are going to want for us to use every advantage that we have. That is what platelet rich plasma is all about. We here at Turella Oral Surgery would like to explain it to you further, so give us a call at (360) 912-8244. We want to make sure that your healing goes quickly and smoothly.
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At Turella Oral Surgery, we are so excited to educate you about platelet rich plasma! Click here to learn more about it today.
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