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Post-Surgical Sinus Precautions

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Post Surgical Sinus Precautions

Listed below are Post-Surgical Sinus Precautions:

You have either developed a communication between your maxillary sinus and your tooth socket or you are at high risk for developing one. We want to be certain that your tissues heal completely and that a communication does not become permanent.
For this reason, we have the following recommendations:
•  Make sure to take the antibiotics you were prescribed until they are gone.
•  AVOID blowing your nose for 2 weeks.
AVOID activities that increase pressure in your sinuses (exercise,
•  bending over, straining, heavy lifting) for one week.
If you must sneeze, try to do so with your mouth open to decrease
•  pressure in your sinuses.
•  AVOID sucking on a straw.
•  DO NOT forcibly spit for 2 weeks.
•  AVOID swimming for 1 month.
•  AVOID playing a wind instrument or blowing up balloons.
•  If your nose becomes stuffy you may use a saline nasal spray twice a day for two weeks.
•  Over-the-counter Dimetapp or Sudafed Elixirs can be helpful in reducing sinus congestion. Non-drowsy formulations are recommended.
•  DO NOT rinse your mouth too aggressively during these next two weeks. Vigorous rinsing can force salt water or Peridex into the extraction socket resulting in a burning sensation in your sinus cavity and may cause fluid to drip out of your nose.
•  DO NOT smoke. Any smoking dramatically reduces wound healing and will make the healing process extremely difficult.
•  You can expect that there will be bleeding from your nose as well as from your mouth. This should stop on its own and clot with no additional treatment. Rest, elevate your head and place a gauze drip pad under your nose.
•  If you continue to get a feeling of water getting into your nose over the next few weeks, please call our office.
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