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Patient Reviews
Port Angeles, WA

Graphic of phone with five star reviews from Turella Oral Surgery in Port Angeles, WA
"We were on vacation to WA, from NC, and my daughter had an emergency; her wisdom teeth extraction site became horribly infected and swollen. Dr. Turella and his office allowed her to come into his office within an hour and have the infected site lacerated. The office and Dr. Turella were wonderful."

~Cary, NC

"Dr. Turella was terrific! Hopefully neither my spouse nor I will need more surgery, but if we do, Dr. Turella's who we'll see!

He had no problem taking direct questions and providing direct answers. Was patient, smart, current, and explained every single thing that was about to happen, thus making the experience as pain- and stress-free as humanly possible. (Only pain I felt was the injection of the local and that's expected.)

I also loved that he's a veteran. Not only is it important to us to support veteran-owned businesses, but, generally speaking, medical care from someone who's given good medical care in the field is even better.

I left his office with clear verbal and written instructions for follow up, at-home care that were the best I've been given! And they worked.

Dr. Turella accommodates a post-surgery consultation if you have pain or concerns. I still had mild pain after a couple of weeks and he fit me in immediately. Turns out I was being hyper vigilant due to my infection history and everything was fine; but the quick check up was MUCH appreciated.

The operating room is absolutely sterile. As someone prone to infection, this is key."

~Mylee K.

"Dr. Turella and his staff are top notch professionals and “I love them all man!"

~Rob E.

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Patient Reviews | Turella Oral Surgery - Port Angeles WA
At Turella Oral Surgery our patients mean everything to us, and we value their reviews and testimonials about our dental work.
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